I am a mom of three teenagers and have been taking care of them since they were little. I became a full-time housewife and a mom when my eldest came. It was when my eldest became a little older that I started a small garment business. I had to close my shop when my youngest came. It was hard meeting clients, sourcing and buying materials and taking care of three small kids.

I forgot who I am when I had my three kids. My world revolved around them. I had to be there for them because my husband works far from us. I had to attend PTA meetings, activities in school and so on and so forth because my husband was unable to do so. Don’t get me wrong but I love taking care of my kids. But I know at the back of my mind, there’s a thirst in me that I cannot satisfy.

It was in college that I was introduced to creative writing. I love putting into words what I feel. The only regret I have is that I did not join any writing clubs. I was too shy back then. There’s a fear in me that they may not like what I write. And now like fellow first-time bloggers I have this feeling of reservation. I fear that I will ramble nonsense but I’ve got to try, right? Besides, the only experience I got in writing was in my personal diary and helping my children in their reaction papers at school.

I got to start somewhere and this lead me to it. And so my adventure begins.