Dogs are described as man’s best friend. They are loyal to a fault that they forgive easily even if you neglect and hurt them. They will love you unconditionally. I know because we have one.

One day, my husband asked me if we can have a dog for a pet. One of his officemates was selling puppies in order to raise money for his wedding. My husband was one of the few who was offered. At first, I was hesitant because I thought of all the responsibilities of having a pet especially a dog. After much prodding from my husband, I finally acquiesced.

After three months, my husband took home the puppy. It took a while because the puppy was still nursing from the mother dog. My husband knew from the start which one to choose among the litter of puppies. There’s this biggest one who kept on grabbing his attention. He had an instant connection with him.

My husband was told by the former owner to let our dog pee as soon as he came home. As soon as they came, I grabbed hold the puppy to take him to the bathroom. Once his little feet hit the floor, much to our amusement and surprised, he licked the whole bathroom floor! I read somewhere that a puppy has this kind of behavior when he is stressed.


At first, we have this kind of love-hate relationship with our puppy. We loved him because he is so adorable and he makes us happy. We hated him when he did mischiefs and manipulated us with those doleful eyes gazing at us. In addition to this, he always puts his paws on top of his head and buries his head in shame. How can your anger not melt away when you see your pet like this. Besides, a dog can easily forget when you are angry at him. He still loves us even after we admonish him.


Now that he is three years old, he still does mischiefs once in a while. He is when he feels neglected. He is much more behaved now and knows his routine. He’s also much sweeter and knows when I’m feeling under the weather. But he still barks uncontrollably at the mailman 😊. I let him in order to chase away intruders.