Neighbors can be a blessing too.

Let me tell you about our neighbor from our first home that finally we called our own. I thought that I will not get along with this middle-aged couple. It was because the husband was talkative and his wife was uncommunicative. I thought wrong.

In our country, it is normal for neighbors to have a chitchat now and then. But I am not that person. I’d rather stay at home, do the chores or have some me time like reading a good book or browse the internet. I became used to this minding one’s own business when we were only renting in the city.

I learned to love them because they always go out of their way to see if my children and I are doing fine. They knew my husband was only at home once a week. I was so grateful for having them as our neighbor. They were like a parent to me. The wife was even giving us cooked meal sometimes. And to think that she’s so reserved with the other neighbors.

I felt sad when we had to move. I prayed then that I will have neighbors like them. Luckily, my wish was granted. I have another kind neighbor just like my first neighbor.

Photo blurred to protect their privacy