There’s was once a young woman named Dorothy. She was so beautiful and intelligent that suitors swarmed around her. She rebuffed all her admirers because she was waiting for her knight in shining armor. She has very high expectations of her ideal man for she believed that she possesses the very best qualities of an ideal woman.

Days, weeks, months and years passed without her finding the perfect guy. She was still determined in finding him.

There was this avid suitor that never gives up. David was unperturbed even if it takes him forever to woo Dorothy. Although he is kind and wealthy, he is not that good looking. He promised Dorothy that if she marries him she will be treated like a queen. Still, she rebuffed him.

Dorothy’s friends kept reminding her that she’s not getting any younger and must consider marrying David. By this time, all of her friends are married with children. They even suggested to her to consider freezing her eggs, a procedure for fertility preservation.

After thinking it through, she was compelled to accept David’s offer. Because of her preoccupation, she forgot about freezing her egg. It was too late when she realized this. No amount of money can make her have her own child. She even found out that she has fallopian tube disorder. Even if she married young, she will not bear any children.

How unfortunate for Dorothy! She realized that no one’s perfect in this world. She regretted criticizing others and being too preoccupied with herself. Despite her shortcomings, David loves her. And she learned to love him back.