I have this group of friends that knows the real me and whom I can count on. We were high school batch mates and got real close only when we attended a grand reunion last three years ago. We were not even friends then but exchanged only pleasantries when we were in high school.

After the reunion we kept in touch and we were surprised that we have so many things in common. I’m so grateful to Facebook for connecting people. One friend formed a group chat and the next thing we know it was a routine for us to catch up everyday.

It was a typical friendship. We had gone through a lot through the years. We laughed and cried a lot together. Some of us in the group even went on group tours with our families in tow. Our friendship is so tightly Knit that we considered ourselves family. Even our kids got close also. It was a good thing that most of our kids are of the same age together. Funny thing is they are the first one who always look forward to our get together.

In a group, there’s always someone who feels like an Underdog. In our case, there’s this one friend who always feels left out and insecure. We have not given her reason to be jealous but I guess it’s what who she is. We have told her that we are not perfect and we have individual qualities. Regardless, she is still a good friend. I just hope that one day she will not feel like an Underdog anymore.

Image: https://pixabay.com/photo-2557396/