When I was a child, our educational trips from school always included a side trip to the Zoo. The first time I saw a zoo I was excited because of the animals that I saw first time. Most of them were wild animals and were tamed for entertainment.

I was mesmerized by these wild animals. There’s the tiger and the panther with their graceful walk. Their eyes were arresting and seemed to be telling me that they are not to be messed with.

I was also captivated by the butterflies. It’s like I was seeing fairies with their colorful wings. Imagine seeing this in the eyes of a child.

There were also these different kinds of birds. I did not know then that there were many kinds. All I know were parrots, eagles and these small birds that I see at home.

When I saw the alligators and crocodiles, I was suddenly afraid. Our tour guide told us that we were safe because their cage was secured.

Of all the animals at the zoo, my favorite was this baby elephant.  She has this kind eyes that I saw.  I was endeared to this massive animal with its long trunk and big floppy ears.

I was heavy with my second child when we went there again. I was really disappointed. The zoo was deteriorating and the place was awfully smelly. Most of the animals were dead or sickly because of old age. The zoo was not maintained because of a lack of funds.

I was saddened when I learned that my favorite elephant was dying. It should not be here to begin with. It should be dying in its true home in the wilderness with his kind. This was just one of the plights of elephants.

Please click the link below to learn more about the plights of elephants. I am hoping it will be an awakening for you as it was for me.