You will not know your opportunities unless you Relocate

I lose count of how many times we relocated. We were just starting a family then. One reason was we need to avail the free accommodation or the job offered was far away from the present home.

There’s the good side and bad side. There was once a friend of my eldest who cried a bucket of tears because we were moving away. She can not bear the thought of never seeing my eldest because my son was her only playmate. My eldest did not mind relocating because I guess he is an adventurer like me.

It was my middle child who hated it. She wanted us to swear that we will not move again. Of course, her wish was not granted because more relocation followed.

For me, it was an adventure although tiring. My husband and I were young then so we didn’t mind the moving. Besides, it meant better opportunities.

I met many people and some of them I forgot already. However, there was this neighbors who got close to my heart. It was like having my parents nearby. I published an article about them. Check out this link: Neighbor

One thing I learned about relocating is to grab every opportunity that comes our way. It brought positive result on my family. And if you do not leave your excess baggage physically and emotionally, you will never move on.



Presently, we have finally settled down. My husband still wants to move to a bigger house. I’m happy with what we have now but who knows 😉.