It was not meant to be this way.

The morning sun’s glare is prickling my skin. This has been like this every morning. I started walking at dawn until I can not stand the heat. I have been traveling alone since the epidemic broke out. I must find a safe place and those who are still alive and healthy like me.

These bacteria that Gorge on the flesh was a new strain. I am blaming it on the government for letting it get out of hand. They did not go out of their way to test the new vaccine. What happened was the exact opposite. Instead of being the remedy and cure for the disease, the vaccine only worsens it.

I am tired and hungry from walking. I wish I could find some food. I passed a convenience store and it looks as though animals Gorge on the food section. It was how they live now. Gorging at what they can find.

Because of hunger and the sun’s heat, I passed out. Upon waking I realized it was only a bad dream. I am still in my bed and shaking from the nightmare. I let out a sigh of relief and I’m glad it was only a bad dream.

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