Image: Shuttershock

There’s a certain a Degree in our lives that we will be fed up with the hustle and bustle going on and around us. I was once. I got fed up with trying to please others and taking care of everyone else. I forgot about myself. I thought if I do these things I will be happy. I was not. I was in an emotional upheaval and hated myself.

When I was in a state like this, my relationship with my loved ones tensed up. But even if I was like this, I do not forget to pray. I am not a religious person but I believed in a Supreme Being that listens. I prayed for strength and for my family. As it was, my prayers were answered.


My prayers were answered with the support of my friends. I was lucky that they uplifted me. They showed me how to love myself. When you love yourselves all else will follow. It was true. It all begins with ourselves.