“Do good and good will come to you.”

It’s only fitting that my first post for this year is about the award that Mabeautility has bestowed on me. I feel honored that she thought of me. The purpose of the award is to spread positivity. Positivity is what I am.

This award was started by Srijan. He noticed the negativity going around and thought of an award that will spread positive vibes. Therefore, if you are nominated please spread it around to make this world a better place.


1) Mention the rules!
2) Start with one very inspiring, positive yet beautiful quote!
3) Mention the name of the creator, which is the person who has nominated you. I repeat the person who has nominated you. And so in this way, everyone will be a creator of this blog, at least once!
4) Write a short poem for the person who nominated you.
5) Nominate any 8 bloggers and let them know that they are nominated!
6) Tell us a short beautiful story, be it imaginative or practical. (100-150 words)
7) Ask 3 questions.
8) Don’t hate, appreciate.

Poem for Mabeautility

is her name
Into my life
she came

Check out
her blog
It’s definitely
not a drag

You’ll be drawn to
her enthusiasm
And by
her infectious charm

Here is
a fab lady
Inside and out
she’s a beauty

I nominate the following:


Megha Bhartiya


Parnika Preet

The remaining slots are open to anyone who wants to spread positive good vibes also. ❤️

Short story

Joshua was tending the goats when he heard the dog barking at the front yard. He went to see why it was barking. He saw a skinny boy shivering at a corner. He prodded the boy to go inside the house with him.

He let his wife give him food. They were lucky for gleaning some information from him. He looked frightened.

The boy ran away from home because his stepdad was beating him. His mother died a year ago. He escaped after his stepfather was lying on the floor from a drunken stupor.

The couple let the boy stay for the night. In the morning, Joshua went to see a social worker and ask for help for the boy. They found out that the boy has no living relatives and saved him from his cruel stepfather. Since Joshua and his wife did not have any children, they adopted him.

Here are my answers to Mabeautility’s questions:

1. What is the nicest thing anybody had said to you in your life?

The nicest thing that was said to me was I became someone’s inspiration. It feels good when someone sees the good in you and they try to emulate that.

2. What has been your most beautiful dream ever?

My most beautiful dream was that in my dreams I only felt happiness, contentment, and peace. There was no negative emotion weighing me down. I was floating and seeing beautiful landscapes.

3. What is your biggest goal in life?

Ever since I got into an accident I have sworn to make my life here on earth worthwhile and to do good deeds only.

Here are my questions:

1. What inspires you in life?

2. Do you believe in humanity? Why?

3. Do you believe in Karma? Please explain.

“Don’t hate, Appreciate”

Positive vibes only.