As long as you have excess
baggage in your life,

you’ll never be at peace.

You must learn to embrace

the bad things happening in
your life.


Learn to make peace first with your past.

Don’t run away from your troubles

You need to learn how to face them

Living through them give us experience that makes up our life


Value the people who held you up when you stumbled

Never break their trust

Never forget about them

You must pay it forward


Always believe that there’s goodness in everyone

Spread goodness not hate

Learn to walk away from negativity

Pray for those who persecute you


Develop an Agile mind

Reading is the quickest way to enrich your mind

The more goodness you read,

the quicker the negative and outdated thoughts are flushed out.


Live at the moment

Be happy and content with what you have

Never live beyond your means

Only then you can lead a happier life


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