I’m literally going blind. My eyes don’t want to see the dreary scene they are seeing. They want to ignore andย Blink at what is happening.

Ever since I came home from working abroad, my mind and heart were confused. It’s been nearly four years since I left my two boys. Nothing can Shock me except what I found out. My husband was having an affair and my two kids’ feelings towards me are so distant.

My kids were blaming me for not saving the relationship with their father. Is it my fault if I have to go away in order for them to give them a better future? It was husband and mine’s dream. My husband and I applied for a job abroad but he was denied and I was not.

We have agreed that I’m going to pursue the opportunity and apply for a residency. This means I can bring my whole family with me. After putting a lot of hard work, I can almost taste the success.

But it was not meant to be. My kids have a great animosity towards me and my relationship with my husband cannot be mended.

And I am confused more than ever. I have only a few years left for my residency to be approved. Must I stay at home to win the love of my children or do I go back to continue pursuing a lucrative future?

One negative effect of one parent working abroad is a broken home. I have seen some families in our hometown that went astray because the mothers have to work abroad.

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