Some of my friends told me we’re not compatible. We’re not meant to be together. How dare them to tell you that. I told them you complete me.

The first time I saw you I was not really impressed. I’m sorry for that. But through time I learned to love you. You really complete me.

I know it’s wrong but I rely on you. I can not live without you. Thinking about parting with you makes me spiral down through sadness.

You are my light in the darkness. You make my world clearer. Because of you, I see the true nature of things.

Without you I’m a cripple. You guide me when you’re nearer. I can not function without you.

The first time you were not with me I was distressed. It was like fumbling through the dark. It was murky through it all.

When you were broken, I was more than broken. My heart broke into a million pieces. How can I function without you? Days passed by without you. I knew I had to do something. I know I have been Tardy in my duty to you.

So I had to go a specialist. Good thing you are strong. They fixed you and now we’re together as if nothing happened.

I promised to take care of you….my beloved eyeglasses…