This was a part of an adventure we had when my youngest son had their field trip on wildlife. This was the only picture I got with a tiger since the external drive where I saved the pictures malfunctioned.

As the screened metal jeep careened towards the dirt road, every one of us could not contain our excitement. I’m ashamed to admit that the pounding in my chest can almost be heard by my seatmate. I was apprehensive about how this wildlife will react if they see us.

No one could not deny the fact that this vast diverse landscape with the scattered dense trees was breathtaking. There’s no mistaking the marvelous beauty.

Suddenly, the jeep came to a halt. Our tour guide started talking as if he was reciting a creed. I told myself to stay focus on what he was saying. It might keep us safe.

He was telling us that the Tigers will come out any minute and not to bring out our arms through the slit opening of the jeep. We can feed the tigers but for a fee. Since all of us were frightened to feed the tigers, it was the tour guide who dangled the meat.

Suddenly, tigers appeared out of nowhere. Our tour guide also put meats on the screened top jeep. I was trying my best not to Stifle a scream when one of the Tigers jumped on top of the roof and the jeep swayed. We were appeased by our tour guide that the jeep was stable.

The tiger left us after our tour guide stopped giving the Tigers their food. Our pulse only went back to normal when we reached the place where we came from. What a day!