I prided myself on always taking a pause when my patience was always put to the test. It has not been like this. I used to say what came to my mind especially when I was provoked.

It has been a lesson for me when I saw my father consumed with anger. He said things that really hurt. Even if he made amends he has a reputation that he was frightening and unreasonable to cross with. Although he made amends to those he crossed with, those people remembered the pain of his words he inflicted.

Have you ever been provoked to the point that you want to inflict physical pain on the other person? There will always be times in our life that someone will test our patience. What do you do?

Why do I talk about anger? It was because I almost lost my cool once. I was on the verge of it. My head swelled literally from being angry. A friend committed a wrongdoing against me. What was annoying was that she’s hiding. She broke my trust and now she left a big Cavity in our friendship.

Remember these:





Thoughts to ponder:

Don’t be consumed by anger
It’ll only make you an ogre
Don’t make it longer
It’ll not make you younger

Anger can make you destructive
And not productive
Your heart will become obstructive
Coz it made you affective

Don’t let anger slowly gnaws
Be sure to take a pause
Let your anger thaws
Or else your health may be at straws

Winnie ❤️

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