I used to wait for you
by the corner of the cafe
I’ve always admired you
from afar with my cup of latte

Friends named me Coffee Queen
from having been overdosed of caffeine
They said I was a fool
for my demeanor was not cool

How can I have the courage
to talk to you boldly
when not even a glance
you spared me

Wishful thinking that
one day it’s me you’ll see
I’ll be the happiest person
to the highest degree

Day by day, I was hanging on a false hope
Maybe I was really a fool
for not widening my scope

Until one day,
as they say
I was knocked out of my delusion
It’s almost as if a spell was broken

Maybe I got tired
and move on
searched I did through the horizon
My friends were glad
that I’m not anymore a raving mad

I’ve heard you were looking for me
At the cafe where I used to have my coffee
With you I Sympathize
but it’s too late my worth you realized

Image courtesy: https://pixabay.com/photo-3083380/