It happened like it was yesterday. Time flew so fast without my knowing it. It’s now two years since that fateful day. What happened on that day changed me forever.

After attending a three-day National Science Quest, we were ready to go home. We were in high spirits because my youngest son’s team won the 5th place. It was a big feat since the contestants were from all over our country.

Since the contest was held in this place in the mountains, we were going down so to speak. We haven’t gone that far when the teachers whose with us decided to look for a ladies’ room. I was glad that I can finally go out and stretch my legs. You see I got seated at the back and I had leg cramps from sitting too long in a cramped space.

I was so pissed off at myself for letting my companions put me and my son in the backseat of the van. No one wanted to seat at the back because obviously, it was a cramped space. Out of respect for the teachers, I gave way. I always
Tend to give way in order to avoid troubles. That was my biggest mistake.

When my companions alighted one by one from the van, I told the one near me to wait for me. It was like talking to someone with deaf ears. She left without waiting for me. I was a little dizzy then and my knees felt like jellies. I have to literally push myself up to the steep steps.

I just had a few steps when my toe struck the steps leading up. Then, it all happened so fast. I was like watching myself dived into a waterless pool. I knew then that it’s going to hurt real bad. After that, all I remembered was lying face up on the sidewalk. I saw people looking at me. It felt like there was a big rock lying heavily on top my forehead. My left vision was starting to get blurry. I saw someone stopped near me and begged him to clear my eyes. He did but went away after a while. Blood was the one responsible for my blurry vision.

Then I saw my vision getting smaller and I felt like I want to sleep. It was then that one of the teachers went to my side and started crying and prodding me not to sleep. It was also then that I ask God to help me and that I don’t want to die. I told Him that I was not ready to go and there are many loved ones who still needed me.

Suddenly, it was like I was snapped wide awake. Then I started crying and asked the teacher why I did not feel my body. It was like my body left me. The people at the sidewalk didn’t want my companions to move me. Their reasoning was that I might have a head wound that is fatal and they already called an ambulance. The driver of our van insisted that I must be brought to the hospital soon. When he carried me, I felt like I was floating. I can’t feel my hands and legs and I can’t move.

To be continued…

My darkest moment part two