First part

Second part

My road to healing was not easy. It would take a lot of strong will and courage to handle what I have gone through. My faith helped me through this journey.

After the accident, I became an invalid so to speak. Although my legs were a bit wobbly, my hands were not able to function. They lost their dexterity and I can still feel the prickling pain of the many small needles. I can’t even feed myself. My daughter had to give me a bath also after the accident. But after taking too much of her time, I had to force myself to do this even if it made me grimace in pain.

My husband had to take a leave from work in order to nurse me to health. Inside, I was crying since I am not used to being attended to. I’m an independent woman and this was really hard for me. It was a good thing we hired a house help.

We went to consult many doctors but they saw nothing wrong with me. They were telling me that it was only in my mind. My friends were even telling me to fight the pain. It was easy to tell me that but they do not know how I felt.

I did not stop believing that I will be healed someday. I did not lose my faith in God and I can feel His guidance because of the blessings I received. I searched a solution for my condition and I came across an alternative medicine called Acupuncture. My condition improved. I was able to move my shoulders without grimacing in pain. Β The prickling pain I felt from my arms and arms were replaced by itchiness. I stopped the Acupuncture because I finally took hold of my body. A little bit of the itchiness remains but I can feel it fading slowly.


5 days after the accident


4 months after

2 years after

I did not let a plastic surgeon modify the scar at the bridge of my nose to remind me that I was a survivor.