I have a confession to make. No! It’s not mind-boggling. The reason that I got to Enroll in my course was self-empowerment. Yes, you heard it right. It was for the betterment of myself.

Though I am friendly, I was too shy when I became a teenager. I will never initiate a conversation. I passed up opportunities at school because I was too shy to join.

When I passed the College entrance test where I graduated, I was included with the English majors because of the result of my aptitude tests. The Counselor told me I will fit better with the English majors. I insisted on taking the Psychology course because of a gut feeling. It was the right decision that I did not regret.

It was a turning point for me. I became a better person and understand humanity more. I became more aware of my surroundings. I learned different kinds of behavior and why we act in a certain way. And I understand people with illnesses better.

Another good thing that happened then was that my writing improved. Our exams were mostly essays. I hated memorization after loving the essays.

It made me face my fear of talking in front of many people too. Part of our grades was based on giving
Lecture per subjects. At first, I was too stiff in delivering the lectures. Then, I got the hang of it.

After I graduated, I was more than equipped in facing the world.