Disclaimer: This is only a fictional work. It may contain words that may be offending and disturbing to an innocent mind.  

Sitting by the window, I’m looking aimlessly at the horizon. I used to like this beautiful scenery but lately, I can’t appreciate its beauty. I had this fleeting inconsolable feeling. It has been like this ever since I saw the “evil” teacher.

There’s a dark secret about me that I have told no one. My parents didn’t know about it even now that I’m a teenager. I was molested by a teacher when I was in third grade.

At first, I thought I was just like his favorite daughter because he was solicitous at me. As a child, I was fascinated with colorful and illustrious books which we do not have at home. Money’s tight so books are luxuries. He took advantage of this weakness.

It began when I and my classmates were shown around the library and we were allowed to pick books which interest us. He was at the library at that moment. This teacher was not our teacher and only teaches elective classes like music. He noticed me picking my favorite type of books.

At one time that I passed by his classroom, he called out to me to go inside. He said he was going to show me some books. I did not think any differently because I thought he was trustworthy. Besides, he only put his hands on my shoulder. He told me that I can bring home the books and return them when I’m finished reading them. I was so elated.

When I was finished reading the books, I went to his classroom to return them. He prodded me to go inside and close the door. He then told me to go the other side of his table. Anyone’s looking through the window of the door will not think something’s not wrong. My small body was mostly hidden by the table. It was then that he started groping at my private part. I stiffened and was shocked to react.

He told me that thing he was doing will be our secret. He threatened me also that he will make sure I was expelled from the school if I talked. I did not respond because I was too shocked to talk.

It lasted only minutes and told me to go to my class. I was so afraid that I did not talk about it to anyone. I was so ashamed.

Much to my chagrin, the molestation continued. He always caught me passing nearby his room alone. I was always the last to go out the classroom because I was so slow. I was hoping and praying that I can escape his evil clutches.

One day, I talked to a friend to please wait for me. Hurriedly, I collected my things and went out with her. The evil teacher was waiting outside his classroom. Fortunately, our teacher was also outside and she was about to talk to the evil teacher.

I grabbed my friend’s hand and prodded her to hasten her walk. My friend did not need any prodding because she got hold of some gossips that the evil teacher was caught molesting a higher grade student than us.

I was appalled when I learned that I was not the only one who was molested. I was saddened that there were more. I was so ashamed that I did not divulge my secret.

Since then, I found a way to always escape the evil teacher much to his consternation. I forgot about the molestation until now. I thought I forgot about the humiliation and helplessness but it all came back after seeing him at the mall today. He was now old and wrinkled. He greeted me like he did nothing wrong. I only looked at him and sprinted.

And now lost in my thoughts by the window, should I tell my parents or not? I do not have the Courage to let out a shameful past. I know my father will kill him. My father has a hot temper and I’m not sure if he can take it calmly. What will I do?

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