Kids in our country have been so busy ever since a new educational system was introduced. They were complaining about too many workloads like assignments, projects, long exams, contests, presentations like plays and meeting deadlines. You would have thought how they can manage all that. Well, these scenarios in our schools will definitely stay and they must achieve everything at the end of the school calendar.

So how can a stressed student maintains his/her sanity and have good grades?

Making Priorities

I have seen my daughter struggled once in her studies. She used to complain that her grades were not up to a par. I advised her to make priorities in her studies. How?

1. Have a planner and jot down assignments, important deadlines and schedules of exams and other activities.
2. Establish study habits by making a time management. Calculate the time you would spend on each activity. Learn to prioritize according to the importance of the activities.
3. Put away distractions like gadgets and tv especially if you are meeting a deadline.

Have Some Fun

“All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.”

You need some time off from studying once in a while. If time permits, you need to go out and have some fun otherwise you’ll become bored and stressed in what you do. When it becomes tedious, your grades suffer also. You also Compromise your health when you do not manage your stress levels.

Here is an example of how I let my children have fun.

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