It was another lucid dream that occurred
my body continuously stirred
Chained by fear
too much to bear

Suffocating from the blanket of blackness
can’t find my voice
Starting to grasp the dim radiance
slowly gnawing my essence

What my eyes fail to see
my heart discerned what’s wrong likely
Spiraling towards an eerie labyrinth
trying to make sense what I got tangled with

What’s it that I hear?
a faint voice that’s getting near
My body uncontrollably convulsed
it was my husband shaking me to rouse

This usually happens to me especially when I’m tired. I have vivid dreams and I can remember them upon waking up. I not only talk while asleep but I usually rise up. A hug and a prod for me to sleep will make me sleep peacefully.

Image courtesy: Pixabay