Sometimes the one we hated most will be the one we will love most.

I met Darren when we were in college. We went to the same math club so there’s a constant togetherness. I did not like him the first time I met him. There was a feeling of becoming easily irritated when he was near.

It all started when he appeared out of nowhere and bumped me then my papers were scattered around. I became more irritated when he asked my forgiveness profusely. Can’t he just say it simply? I hate people who talk exaggeratedly.

His looks fueled my irritation more. He has this unkempt appearance like he just got out of bed and hurriedly went to school. And his shoes! It looked like they seen better days. Don’t get me wrong. I’m not a snob but I just can’t take shabbiness.

In a sudden turn of events, I became to like him. You heard it right. I was not expecting it. When did it happen?

It was an ordinary day like any of my normal days. We were studying for the math competition that was getting near. It so happened that we entered the door at the same time.

When I was about to get off balance, he caught me and our eyes met. Time stood still suddenly. I have not noticed how bluer his eyes were but I noticed now. His eyes tell how old his soul is. And those lips made my legs felt like jelly. His breath smelled of faint mint candy. My mouth suddenly was dry. Embarrassed by these fleeting thoughts, I pushed him a little hard. I know he was confused.

The rest of the day felt like it was laden with heaviness. I felt his eyes looking at me but I was too coward to look. I had to Restart computing the problems because I was too self-conscious. I scampered like a mouse when the session ended.

Suddenly, I was starting to notice that he was now taking great care of his looks. He was now going to school with a freshly scrubbed-look. He heard of my pet peeves and improved himself. And suddenly he was an epitome of a real gentleman.

Days passed without realizing it. He pursued me religiously. I did fall for him. He is now my husband and we’re blissfully happy. We have our ups and downs but we face life together. He’s trying to give me a good life and I feel content. He’s patient and loves me. That’s what matters.

Image courtesy: Pixabay