I have to catch my breath
whenever I see your
amazing Captivating smile.
I am missing it for
I haven’t seen it in a while.

I’ve heard of your lost love
who joined the Almighty God from above.
I know he meant everything to you
for your love for him is true.

I can see how you loved him
for when you bespoke him your eyes beam.
Your world revolved around him
that you’ll risk your life and limb.

I fully Grasp your agony
for your eyes are blank I see
You don’t even want your friends around,
you don’t want them to see you’re hurting deep down.

I am hoping someday,
your amazing captivating smile I
’ll see one day.
I am hoping your heart will mend,
so your normal self I
’ll see again.

Image courtesy: Pixabay