Jumbled thoughts are eating away my peace of mind. Ever since I learned of my friend’s cancer-stricken husband, another friend’s mother died, another friend’s failed marriage, I got to thinking we cannot manipulate our destiny. What’s bound to happen will happen. We can only do so much but God has the final say on what’s in store to us.

Lately, another devastating news threatened my peace of mind again. I was shaken up for most of the week after hearing about a friend’s death. She’s almost the same age with me and she was my classmate in my first year in high school. There was never any interaction after that year.

Fate has a funny way of making us cross our paths. Five years ago to be exact, I have learned that she was the girlfriend of my brother-in-law. There was never a chance that I came face to face with her though she was aware of me.

Like I said, fate has a funny way of coming around. I met her face to face when my brother-in-law passed away four years ago. That was a very devastating event in my husband’s family, especially for my friend. They were to be wed on that year and imagine her distress. Since then, she became a rock and a friend of the family. Little did we know, she has not moved on after my brother-in-law’s death.

We thought her moving and taking a job far away from us will help. It was not to be. It’s only now that we began thinking that she’s always sickly. Her posts in her social media always spoke of a love lost and seeing signs that were manifested for her by my brother-in-law. According to her close friends, she spoke only of one true love, my brother-in-law.

Even her close friends were devastated when they learned of her untimely passing. According to one friend, she was so full of life the day before her death. She’s also a stickler when it comes to her health. She regularly went to her doctor and ate healthy food.

One day, her blood sugar spiked up dangerously and that was the beginning. Before her death, she complained of stomach pains but doctors were baffled of what her condition was. It was after they sent her home from the hospital that she had a heart attack. They had revived her several times but she begged to be released from the pain. According to a doctor who looked after her, there many veins in her body that burst.

That is the mystery of life. We will never know when we will leave our earthly form. Life is fleeting so we must cherish every moment that we have. We must not be like the vagabonds who Meander through life. We must not go through life aimlessly. We were given life and free will to do our own way. We must respect what was given to us.

The photo was taken by my daughter.