Each one of us has stories to tell. Do your bad experiences define you? Or do they make you better as a person? Do you take revenge on whoever wrong you? Or do you forgive and forget?

One day, you’re Invisible to some people and the next you’re a celebrity. You became successful because of your hard work. Suddenly, you changed your group of friends. You are now hanging out with the rich and famous. You forgot who was there for you during your sorrow and joy. And your friends? They were scratching their heads and wondering what happened. They were left wondering if they have done something wrong.

Success and money make one confident in oneself. You are now talking like a know-it-all person. You now call others’ ignorance with stupidity and dullness. You forgot you once were a naive person. You forgot where you came from.

I hope you correct your ways. We do not hold our destiny. Someday, all of your good things will disappear in an instant. I am hoping that will not happen in the future. Before that happens, I hope you will cherish those people who did not leave you and were there for you. I hope you give them the importance they deserved. Someday, they will be your solid rock in times of trouble. Money and fame are only temporary but a real friend stays.