I knew from the moment I step in the classroom something magical will happen.

You would have thought there was a party going on because of the raucous laughter.

But it stopped as soon as my classmate and I stepped in.

From the hushed whispers and puzzled looks, we were considered Foreign in their territory.

Self-consciously, I gingerly laid down the folders of the personality test from my arms to the table.

While preparing the test papers, I could sense someone’s eyes bore into me and followed my every move.

When I was about to scan the crowd, he was the first person my eyes laid upon to.

Our eyes met and we both blushed at the same time.

My heart was beating so fast I was afraid my chest will burst.

It’s as if time suddenly stopped and no one’s in the room but us.

There was an old soul I can see in him that I have not seen in other guys.

Our souls made a silent pact linked by a special bond.

His classmates were aware of our instant connection.

They cleared their throat to attract our attention.

Luckily, my confidence did not crumble.

We administered the test without a hitch and left.

That was the start of a beautiful love story.

This is dedicated to Vageesha. I promised her my love story and this is just a part of more wonderful things that happened. I’m sorry dear if it took me a while to post. I waited for an inspiration 😉.

Some of my classmates and I had our practicum at my husband’s school. Part of our training is to administer tests.

Image: Pixabay