I feel honored again that two great bloggers have nominated me for the Versatile Blogger Award. I would like to thank Shreya Shah & Pollypoata.

Rules of Versatile Blogger Award:

* Thank the person who has nominated you and share the link to their blog
* Nominate 15 superb bloggers that you love for the award
* Share 7 things about yourself (that are or are not known

As I have already summed up interesting about me from my last nomination, I am sharing it again. Here are 7 things about me:

1. As you may well know from my tagline, I’m a mom of three teenagers. Living with teenagers makes me young at heart. I read what they read.

2. I graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Psychology and I got to practice it always at home 😂.

3. I have a sense of humor and I love to have fun.

4. I love meeting new people and cherish those I’ve known in the past.

5. I love traveling and discovering new places.

6. I love chocolates!

7. I love nature. That’s why I love gardening.

This is an open nomination to all those willing to participate. Please feel free to inform me.