When I started my blog, I was really skeptical if I can come up with topics to talk about every day. But then, there were great and kind bloggers who have welcomed and gave me encouragement. Along with my journey, I have also met great friends from across the country who have seen the best in me. I am forever grateful for your kindness you have shown.

All of these made me realize that writing has always been my passion. It has quenched the thirst I have all along. All the thoughts that I shove inside at the back of my mind, came to fruition. It made me realized that thoughts suppressed were the cause of my headaches.

Without realizing it, I have published 200 posts. I dedicate my achievement to all the great bloggers who have joined me on my journey. I would also like to thank my daughter for supporting me in my passion. She has been a big help, especially with her artworks. I love you all!