There was an ugly caterpillar who was disliked in the wild. Not only because of its feature but also with its habit. It has a voracious appetite and consumed all the leaves of a certain plant.

One day, the sunflower noticed the caterpillar lurking near its stem.

Shoo!, said the sunflower.

Oh! Please, dear sunflower let me rest in one of your leaves, pleaded the caterpillar.

I am revered in this kingdom and I can’t have your ugly body seen in my presence, the sunflower pointed out heatedly.

The dejected caterpillar sauntered away from the sunflower. All the other plants also rejected the caterpillar. A nearby fruit tree noticed the caterpillar looking tired and sleepy and wholeheartedly welcome the caterpillar.

Come, my dear. Let your tired body rest with one of my branches, said the tree.

Oh, thank you majestic tree for your kindness. One day, I’ll repay you, said the caterpillar.

Days changed into nights. Leaves matured and dropped from the branches of the trees. The balmy breeze turned into pleasantly cool air.

The flowers, branches and leaves caused to Churn by the sudden gust of wind. This occurrence forced the sunflower to face the majestic fruit tree.

From one of the branches of the tree, a miracle slowly happened. From its cocoon, a new life emerged. Where the ugly caterpillar once rested, a big blue breathtaking butterfly fluttered its wings.

All of these transformations were witnessed by the aghast sunflower for the first time. Sheepishly, the sunflower bowed its crown. And the humble big blue butterfly drank the nectar from the flowers of the tree. The tree heartily accepted knowing it will benefit them both.

Watercolour painting by my daughter


Image: Pixabay