Thank you dear Richa from Iscriblr for tagging me for the 3 day quotes. I love quotes! For the second day, I would like to share you a meaningful quote.


One thing that I learned from my father is always doing the right thing. It was ingrained in us to make decisions based on what is right, moral and ethical. I know it is hard but I try my best to follow this rule.

Do you have that little voice inside you that always reminds you to do the right thing? I have that to remind me. Doing the right thing makes life simpler and not complicated.

Doing the right thing also helps you. When you do the best thing you can do you feel good. When you feel good you do good. But there are times that you don’t want to do the right thing and have negative thoughts. Have you noticed it’s only hindering your success? By doing the right thing you’ll be helping yourself become confident in life. Being confident makes you reach your dreams.

Doing what is right has outcomes. What you give is what you get. When you make the extra effort in helping other people it may return in a lot of different ways. Do it even if others are not doing it. It may come in the most unexpected ways. One day, those who don’t do it will make a turnaround.

Do what is right.


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