My heart suddenly felt
a rapid flutter
skipping a beat
too fast than normal.

The flowers nearby
thriving in beauty
bursting with kaleidoscopic colors
scents lingering.

The beauty around
I did not fully appreciate
somehow I am lost
in a pensive mood.

I am this lanky girl
no meat in her bones
moving Awkward
always shifting uncomfortably.

And he an epitome
of I am not
bespoke of refinement
with a good Pedigree.

A sense of incredulity
as he gave me the time of day
smiled my way
a moment etched forever in my heart.

My heart still racing
mind’s reeling
walking on Thin air
through rose-colored glasses.

Do you still remember this feeling when you had your first crush? I thought then I was in love.

 Image: Pixabay