Raising children is the most challenging yet rewarding role. One of the most significant factors is when you see your children become responsible,Β kind, and humble individual with respect to elders. What’s more rewarding is when they do better in school. I am very lucky to have raised such children. I would not have done it without the help of my family and husband.


Let me share with you an inspiring message from yesterday’s mass. There’s a great Assumption in our country that education is the best legacy we can give our children. But according to the priest, the best thing we can give our children is love. Love makes us do good things. It makes us better persons. Blessings unfold when we spread love. Education also plays a role in shaping our children. It gives them additional knowledge about life. It teaches them to be better persons also.


It does not matter if you finish school or not. The important thing is how you interact with other people. It is the way you treat others with humility and love in one’s heart. The most courageous thing to do is to swallow one’s pride and not react negatively.