Hello lovely people! My family and I are back from our vacation. It has been a worthwhile bonding experience with my family. The kids had so much fun since they love being in the water. It may take a while to gather them all together again since school days for the two kids will start today.

I enjoyed our vacation too! You must have known by now that I love adventures and travels especially with my family. Something happened though and it was a good thing it happened when we’re about to travel home. I had food poisoning! I have always watched what I ate but I guess sometimes I can’t be too careful. It was the reason why I can not reply to your lovely comments. I was too weak even now. All I did was sleep. I don’t want to pass another day without explaining why I am silent.

I am excited to share with you where we went but it will take a backseat for now. I still do not have the strength to gather all my thoughts from the vacation. When I share what we did, I want you to feel through my words and photos the excitement and exhilaration we experienced.

Until next time!