My sweet ate (it’s what we call our elder sister) belle,

Today marks your passage to early adulthood called Sweet Sixteen. Age does not matter for you have the mind of an adult ever since you were a child. You have been the anchor of the family without you realizing it. You have the kind of strength that gathers all of us in one direction when a strong wave comes. Our family has been blessed with such an amazing and sweet lady.

My only wish for you is for you to achieve all the desires of your heart. If at times you feel the odds are against you, always remember to ask God’s guidance and believe that something better is coming. Always remember that if one door closes, a window will open for you. You must learn to always see the bright side of things. Some things are not meant for us but I believe of something better. Keep chasing your dreams.

I hope you believe in yourself more. Do not undervalue yourself. We are all unique in our own ways. We all have our strengths and weaknesses. Learn to embrace those weaknesses. You’re such a talented and amazing lady. I’m so proud of you for honing your talents.

When the time comes you become successful in your chosen career, always remember to keep your feet planted on the ground. Humility is important. When you plant good deeds, it always comes back to you in more unexpected ways that you can imagine.

Always remember my love for you. If at times you feel that the world is against you and no one understands you, I’m always right here for you.

Have the happiest birthday ate! I love you!

your ever dearest mom ❤️

Image: Pixabay