Even in all my glorious moments
I have not even spared a glance
Painful memories will pour out of my being
if I took even a moment

At the back of mind
I know it’s at the corner
It’s now collecting dust
forgotten by us

One day, I tripped by that chair
unintentionally forced to sit
As it was swaying
memories came flooding back

A tear fell down
more came rushing down like a river
In that instant
I saw a memory of my father
at the chair

A fleeting cold wind
suddenly came to embrace me
It comforted me
knowing my mind’s unravelled

In my glorious moments
I neglected his favorite chair
From that day I made a pact to restore and cherish it

I was encouraged by Shelley to come up with a poem when I mentioned that a rocking chair from her post reminded me of my father’s rocking chair. Thank you, Shelley! I hope you got a minute to check out her amazing blog about her adventures, her pets, photography and life in general.

The only regret I have is I do not have a picture of that rocking chair. Therefore, I am borrowing an image from Pixabay.

Inspiration from Your daily word prompt hosted by Sheryl