Though I have been nominated several times for this award, it’s the first time I was challenged with great questions. And for this I would like to thank ArtsyChic Creations for the opportunity. Here’s a really creative amazing blogger. I hope you can check her blog.


Thank the blogger who nominated you.
-Answer the 11 questions asked.
-Nominate 11 other bloggers and ask them 11 new questions.
-List the rules and include the Sunshine Blogger Award logo in your post.

Here are my answers to the questions:

1. During a vacation abroad you meet a mermaid. She promises you the adventure of your dreams. What is the adventure you go on? What is it about this adventure that sets your soul on fire and makes your heart sing?
I would like the mermaid to take me to an undiscovered paradise place where there’s lush of greens with the clearest water you can see. It makes me exult in pleasure when I’m with nature.
2. Dive deep for the treasure that you seek. List 10 treasures that bring joy into your life.
a. Moments and memories from my childhood, high school and college years.
b. Simple pleasures from hugs of loved ones.
c. A sweet smile from my children.
d. Moments spent with my family.
e. Commune with nature.
f. Travels with my family.
g. My health.
h. My positive outlook.
i. Warmth from friends.
j. Knowing Jesus is the best treasure of all.
3. Mermaids/Mermen don’t lose sleep over the opinions of shrimp, list 10 “shrimp opinions” that kill your positive mermaid vibes?
a. When someone misinterpret my intentions.
b. When someone’s jealous of my success.
c. When someone doesn’t respect my opinions.
I only listed 3 things since I do not really care for a shrimp’s opinions.
4. Sprinkle a little fairy dust to help you find your magic within. Look inside yourself and list three things that make you shine.
a. My ability to forgive easily
b. My trusting heart
c. My positive outlook
5. Magic is all around you, you just need to believe. What are three things that help you find your strength and believe in yourself?
a. My resilience
b. My positive outlook
c. My love for nature
6. What’s your inspiration playlist (movies, songs, podcasts) and how do they inspire you?
a. Fight song by Rachel Platten – inspires me to be strong and continue my fight in life.
b. It’s my life by Bon Jovi – “I just want to live while I’m alive
It’s my life”
c. How Far I’ll Go (from Moana) by
Auli’i Cravalho – be who you are no matter what.
d. A million dreams – inspires me to continue chasing my dreams.
7. What’s an important life lesson you learned from a fairy tale?
a. Cinderella – Good things happen to those who have a good heart.
b. Beauty and the beast – True beauty lies within.
8. What’s your favorite fairy tale and why?
Cinderella is my favorite fairy tale because she proved that you don’t have to be born a princess to have an amazing life. I love her positive outlook and her love for animals.
9. If you had to choose a fairy tale character to represent you, who would it be and why? My answer is the same as number 8.
10. You’re a fairy dancing in the moonlight, what song are you dancing too and why?
Strange Magic – it’s the first thing that came to my mind.
11. Now a little something to help me gain insight into my readers, what is it about my blog that you enjoy and connect with the most? What I love most about your blog is your positivity and you really connect with bloggers like me. I also love your illustrations and creativity.

I had a great time answering ArtsyChic Creations. The questions are really challenging. As I have done before, I am opening the nomination for the award. Please feel free to participate.

Happy blogging! ❤️

Fairy image: Pixabay