Obscured behind a
billow of silver grey smoke
afraid to come out

Desultory drive
lacking enthusiasm to bring
to fruition a goal

Coward like a mouse
shows shameful lack of courage
fears danger and risk

A great deal of nerve
to muster for the goal to
come into being

Face your deepest fear
and confront one’s own demons
to achieve greatness

Lately, my hidden desires are starting to manifest in my dreams. I have this project that I haven’t made possible. Lack of commitment and enthusiasm are what kept me from fulfilling it.

I had an unfortunate funny incident last two nights ago. Even my family are still chuckling about what happened to me. I dove on the floor from the bed trying to catch something. I was partly sleeping and partly awake when it happened. All I remember there was something fragile about to fall from the top of the cabinet. The scratched at my right elbow and a fleeting sprain I sustained jolted me awake. My husband tried to prevent me from diving but it was too late. Don’t worry I’m okay now.

Image: Pixabay