Hello beautiful people! I hope you are all having a fantastic night or day. Come on! Join the fun. I’m hosting a blog party as a token of my appreciation for your unending support of my blog as I have reached the 1,000 followers. Yay! New bloggers are also welcome. Let’s get to know each other and connect. Share the link of your blog at the comment section and introduce yourself.

Let me start by introducing myself. I’m Winnie from the Philippines. People here call me Weng but I prefer to be called Winnie. It has a sweeter sound, don’t you think? Besides, Winnie is my nickname at home. I’m a mom of three teenagers, one daughter and two sons. I’m a stay at home and housewife but soon I’ll have a new career of my own. Yay! Please cross your fingers and pray it will materialize soon. Writing has always been my passion. It was in college that I developed the skill. It took a backseat when I worked and became a mom. Now that the kids are all grown up I’m pursuing what I love most. Fortunately, I stumbled upon WordPress. It was here that my writing improved. It’s like riding a bicycle after a long while, right? I mean the writing stuff. So that’s it!

Before I end my rambling, I would like to thank these amazing bloggers who have always been supportive of my blog right from the start and still are. Please check out their blogs. They are great in their own way. You’ll learn a lot from them too.

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I would like to apologize if I’m late in my own party haha. I came home late and the internet connection in our country really sucks! And to think that we have actually two networks at home. Iโ€™m really sorry.


Featured image: Pixabay