Hey lovely people! I hope you can check out Singledust’s compilation of poems from talented poets. I am deeply honored that my work was included.

1st September 2018 – Come Sit with me at the Go Dog Go Cafe


Come sit with me as I share my thoughts this week with you. What will you have me drink with you? Pull up a chair, sit at my table, there’s always space for you.

Last fortnight I helped my second daughter settle into her new apartment off her college campus. It was a milestone for her and me. Seeing her independent and confident I realise she is who she is because of the support I give her. Whether with my time when I am with her or when we are apart and it’s just texting, she says she knows I am always there when she needs me. I don’t feel I am always present but I want to be so I was happy to hear her say I was. We spent a very happy weekend together, taking advantage of her new apartment, we stayed on longer, we visited and dined and explored the places I knew as a child. Even though we have been here countless times, this time it really felt like we were bonding. The fractures weren’t so deep, the fault lines fusing a little closer together. I witnessed a lot of kindness and tolerance between her and her siblings.

Last weekend I went for my book club meet, we read Slaughterhouse-5 by Kurt Vonnegut. Stephen of Pointed Home introduced it to me last year. I had read this excellent book and wanted to share with my book club. It received good reviews and I was pleased, for it was a book that made an impact on me. I am still drafting my lengthy review but a quick word here on what was impressed upon my heart from reading Vonnegut’s acclaimed anti-war novel. He gave me a new concept about time, time is linear he writes and the eternity of moments either good or bad they will last the same time. Time cannot erase such moments.

And so that made me think how we make the world a better place because we spread kindness and happiness. It won’t ever be lost or erased, neither will the bad ones but good will surely outweigh bad if we all try.  I asked for a poem or a story to tell me something you do that brings happiness to others. I could not have been more pleased with the wonderful contributions I received.

People are hurting with burdens they cannot share, that prompted me to think about sharing our gifts to make others happy. To look beyond our own struggles and be unselfish. It all starts with us, we need to make the difference with our gifts and our words that can reach far and wide.

Thank you to all for responding and coming up with such brilliant pieces.

Go to gizzylaw @ muellermusings and receive her gift of music from the choir she sings with, she would like us to listen to Kevin Memley’s composition especially. She says “Please enjoy the music, no matter what!” and we shall!

Listen as you read my compilation of the poems and stories I have received, I have taken the liberty to select a few phrases and lines that show your talent and style the best. I hope you enjoy this and will visit the writer’s blogs I linked. Show the writers and poets your appreciation and pay them a visit if you haven’t already! Just click on their names with the link and spread more joy! You may also read them at the GDG under the Category – Writing Prompt Challenge.

I start with a welcome poem from our Cafe Founder, Stephen….

I wrap up a word or two and collect them in a box
Maybe stuff them into sox or pile them under a tree
Tied up with encouragement, invitation, and a seat
You are welcome here at the cafe, find your name
Unwrap the box and see the collection of words
To be assembled as fits your day, be it good or astray.
They are yours, sit at a table we left open, order a cup,
A loving cup filled with your nectar of choice, drink.
We await you, and will wait for you as long as needed
To find the courage to paint the page with your heart. ~ Stephen

I’ve given you all, my humble words.

I’ve given you, my hidden soul.

Words trickling, like the cool mountain streams.

Words dripping off the frozen ashen trees.

Words gliding across the icy lakes.

Words flowing through happiness, and sorrow. ~ Ivor


This modest heart of mine is all that I can provide,

No riches, no possessions I have accumulated,

love is all that my soul confides. ~ Richa


Love creates more than love

It creates life

Joy creates more than joy

It creates peace ~ Carly


My compassion is embedded with love

an open heart that was lit from above

A heart that truly understands

wholehearted in extending hands

My compassion is forthright

to do what is right ~ Winnie


I am rummaging through my box of gifts

Looking for that perfect one

One that will please one and all

One that they will truly cherish ~ Punam


Gifting confidence, I would if I could.

I’d spread it about because with confidence,

accomplishments happen

and with each, they can change the world. ~ Mr Blog


Is it enough that I adore

And cannot offer any more

To you who are my everything ~ Worldofbrutus


I make you happy.

If by happy, you mean, loved

With my morning drool running down your shoulder

And my super power that relieves you of all the stress that makes you glower.

I make you happy.

It’s my gift.  ~ idorun


an hour or two of time together

to love and laugh and appreciate

the greatest gift of all…

The gift of being a Mom! ~  Jodi


To receive

To let someone else make you happy

Is also a gift ~ Sarah


I offer you the gift of my friendship and love,

that you may find your own courage, strength.

Let me be your sun, that I might brighten your day.

Let me be your moon, that I might illuminate your night. ~ Jenna


I am thankful for the gift

that I can give

to humbly sit and be still

to listen with my heart

holding theirs

to be silent

and just be present ~ Gina


The gift of your time is a priceless gift

that I have treasured from many.

That night, it was from my sister,

and a night I won’t forget. ~ Carolyn


your precious time

can bring in a smile

to the person you love! ~ Deepa


There is one person that might make a difference.

Holding our hands, calming our fears, easing our pain.

give us a warm blanket

worth a million hugs ~ Bee

Wasn’t that amazing!!

I was gifted a lot of kindness and joy this past week, Bee wrote this on her blog and I share, how she feels about being welcomed into a community


Kindness is something that can be felt even when nothing is said. It is genuine and from a place humanity can forget at times. In an uncertain world the best acts of kindness for me are from mentors. People who stop and take time to hold my hand as I learn something new. I have had a few in my life and not as many as I wished. But all of these mentors seem to ease my anxiety and give me confidence where maybe I wouldn’t have been brave otherwise. That is why I can thank Winnie in her kindness and welcoming nature. And I can thank Singledust for encouraging my individuality in a world where that is not welcome, in a world of poetry where I write prose.

and Kristian who tagged me and other bloggers and writers in his world, for an award, a very awesome award. He says…….I found a blogging community that was supportive and inspired me even further. I would like to say a huge thank you to all my blogging pals, people who regularly visit and like my work and leave nice comments. To old friends and new ones, thank you. YOU have made a huge impact in my life.

I follow a writer who inspires me everyday, stop for a dose of daily writing quotes and reflections at Jo Hawk Writer. It will give your day a good start!

Hope & Light


trust your heart if the seas catch fire – e.e cummings