Hello lovely people! I am here to spread sunshine around the community again. I am humbled beyond words that I was nominated again for The Sunshine Blogger Award. I would like to express my gratitude to Dee Kay and Roy from D Floating Thoughts. I hope you can check out their blog as they are composed of a team of great writers. If you want a dose of great poetry and short stories, you came to the right place.


Here are my answers to the questions:

•Is your blog a journal, a literary experiment, performance art or none of that? It was a journal of my thoughts and a literary experiment. I used to write a long time ago and I stopped. It gave me a chance to express myself and write again since I am rusty. 

•What one thing would you like to change in you and Why? My trusting heart. As much as I would like to harden my heart to those I know who only dupe me I can’t do it. I’m still giving them a chance to redeem themselves.

•Who brings the most joy in your life? My family including our pet dog. They are my reason I want to become better because they love me for who I am.

•What is the one thing you most want from your followers? I would love them to talk to me often. I love connecting with different people from around the world.

•What is the one thing you most want to give the people you follow? Hope in humanity.

•If you had to change your name, what would it be? I would like my nickname Winnie to be my legal name.

•Which is your number one go to movie and why? Comedy movies. I love laughing.

•Which fictional character would you like to be? (Character can be from movies, TV series, novels or comics) Wonderwoman!

•If your life story is to be adapted as a movie then what would be its title? I am a survivor.

•Also, who would play YOU in the above said movie? Natalie Portman 

I am breaking the rules again. Sorry for this Dee Kay. I am opening my nominations to whoever wants to spread sunshine. I believe in humanity.


Much love from,