Welcome to another Monday Motivation dear lovely people! 

How are you feeling today? I know some of you are tired with this so-called life. In this time and age, any semblance of a balanced life you carefully planned and built will one day erode. I have seen loved ones, friends and colleagues complained being burned out. I must admit I did undergo being overwhelmed with life sometimes. I am human after all. 

Staying sane 
in this mad world
requires an unusual feat 
of mental strength

Find your worth
that is meaningful
when faced 
with a tragedy

Accept the fact
you’re human
with strengths
and weaknesses

Spend time 
with loved ones
and friends 
who’ll uplift you

Open your eyes
to the beauty around you
and wait for the magic 
to unfold

It’s okay
to laugh
to have fun
when the going gets tough

what you can 
and can not do
accepting change

Be resilient 
like the bamboo
still standing 
after a storm

Be also like a phoenix 
rising from the ashes
stronger than ever

Have a great week everyone! ❤️

Photo by Henri Pham on Unsplash