Hi everyone! You read it right. This is appreciation moment for the nominations I have received.

I feel honored for the nominations I have received from the following amazing bloggers:

Rad Gamer, shares motivational and inspirational quotes

The Rendezvous Club, shares profoundly beautiful poems

Ren, one of the amazing bloggers I met here in the blogosphere. I have to add she’s a great writer. She has been with me right from the start. Hey, Ren! Can I call you my mentor? Because you have been one. 😊❤️

I hope you can check them out as they are all welcoming and supportive.

Let’s hop on to the awards.

The Blogger Recognition Award # 2

When I started my blog the only thing in my mind then was to practice my writing and to express what I feel. Little did I know I’ll be meeting amazing talented people. 

My advice for new bloggers is to continue what they have started. They must not be discouraged if at first, they’re getting nowhere. They must focus on improving their works. Blogging is hard work but fulfilling if done right.

My other advice is to connect with other bloggers. You’ll learn a lot by connecting. You’ll also gain ideas for your blog and meet new friends.

Liebster Award # 10

My answers to The Rendevouz Club’s questions:

1What’s the one thing that makes you extremely happy? My family

2Ever thought about what name you’ll give your kids? When I was young I have always loved the name, Carl. One of my sons has Carlo in his name. 😉 The other two kids’ names were handpicked by my husband.

3What’s your favorite food? I love Japanese, Italian and our Filipino food. 

4How did you came up with your blogs name? It was the first thing that popped into my mind.

5Are you happy with your life? Yes! I am blessed.

6What’s the worst book you’ve ever read? I forgot the title but I think it was about a French revolution (no offense meant). 

7What’s the most common word that you use? Okay 😁

8Which is the day that you’ll never forget in your life? When I had my accident

9Can you dance? Yes, but I was better when I was young. 😇💃🏻

10Which is the last song that you sang? This is Me from The Greatest Showman 

11On a scale of one to ten how stupid do you think you are?

Sunshine Blogger Award # 10

My answers to Ren’s Questions:

•How often do you handwrite letters or cards and send/give to others? Sadly, I do not handwrite letters or cards anymore. It’s easier to type it and print out my letter. 😁

•Have you ever intentionally hugged a tree? Yes! When I was a child.

•Could you go 21 days without watching television? Yes, definitely! I’d rather listen to music.

•What was your most recent act of kindness? I complimented someone and it made her feel good about herself.

•Do you love who you are right now? Yes! I have improved myself and still on the process. 

Happy Friyay! 🤗❤️