Hello lovely people! Here I am again for another Monday Motivation. What did you do this weekend? Come on! Tell me about it. I hope you had a great weekend as I am.

I have always love gardening. I love the smell of earth, flowers and nature in general. Even the smell of horse manure combined with the aroma from fresh cut grass is pleasant to my senses. It reminds me that life is indeed wonderful for I can smell the wonder of nature and brings back childhood memories from vacations at my relatives’ farms.

Gardening is my therapy when life gets too difficult. Unfortunately, I have neglected it for a very long time. Looking at it last week, I finally decided that I’m going to restore it.

Below is a photo of my small garden. Do you see what I have planted? I have lemongrass by the left corner, citrus plants (am not sure what kind of Asian orange I planted 😁), calamansi (citrus plant), green pepper plant (It’s already wilting πŸ˜”), the butternut squash plant, my roses in two pots, the dying lemon plant 😒, marigold seedlings, a pineapple plant at the right corner, aloe vera plants and flower seedlings at the corner that I need to repot. I have also eggplant seedlings near the lemon.

Unkept garden
Sorry for the messΒ πŸ˜†
Gardening soil
I’m ready! πŸ’ͺ😎


Fig cuttings
Fig cuttings. πŸ€—
Butternut squash flower
Butternut squashΒ 

This is also in response toΒ Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Things PeopleΒ Grow


Featured image: Google