As I sail alone in the murky waters
I have no one to wipe away my salty tears
Looking vacantly at the dark horizon
with no definite destination

The wind brought a cold draft
chilling me to the bone fast
I realize too late
with my flimsy blouse left me disconsolate

Sailing alone into the dead of the night
my companion only the moonlight
I must be driven by madness
for I’m drowning in my own wretchedness

Freedom is what I feel
in here my feelings I do not conceal
Comforting is the gushing waves
I love how the water behaves

In this vast ocean
I’m dumping my desolation
Chasing away the dark cloud
and unwrapping the gloomy shroud

I’m rekindling my waning light
by the magic of the ocean and the moonlight
Time to take over the reins
as no one’s ever going to put me into chains

Image: Pixabay