Where are the fireflies?
I don’t see them anymore with my own eyes
Where once you spot them sundown
now they are sadly gone

When the church bells stroke at eventide
youngsters alike forbade to play outside
Sheer delight to catch sight of fireflies
did not stop a lovable rascal like me bolting from my mom’s hawk eyes

I was once have a naive mind and my imagination’s whimsical
for I deemed fireflies as truly magical
The enchantment they bring every summer nights
dazzled me most for their twinkling lights

Can you still see fireflies nowadays? Please share your encounter with them.

Fun facts about fireflies:

  • They are beetles, not flies.
  • They are light geniuses.
  • They are flashy flirts.
  • They come in colors.
  • They have strange diets and are carnivores.

Source: Fireflies! 12 things you didn’t know about lightning bugs

P.S. As my one year anniversary is coming soon, I will share some bits of my childhood memories through poetry. It will also be my tribute to my father as his birthday is the day after my anniversary. Have a great day or night! Thank you for reading! ❤️


Image: Pixabay