Ang Sampaguita

Bukod kang natatangi
at ika’y pinupuri
sa taglay mong katangian
ika’y iniaalay sa magkasintahan

Sinasagisag mo’y katapatan
sa may pusong kadalisayan
tunay na pagmamahal
sa natatanging mahal

Simpleng halimuyak 
pero ika’y magagalak
hinding hindi magsasawa
ika’y mangingiti sa tuwina

English version: (Please bear with me. There’s not exactly a word for word translation from our language to English words. I tried my best in translating it without compromising the true message of the poem.)


How unique you are
and all are praises for you
for possessing great qualities
offered to a couple in love

You symbolize fidelity
for those having a pure heart
true devotion
to one and only love

Its sweet-smelling scent
can make you feel delighted
never will get weary
only make you smile every time

Sampaguita is my country’s national flower. It is a species of Jasmine and it is believed to have originated from the Himalayas. It was brought to our country by some travelers in the 17th century. 

I remember most residences in my hometown have the shrub in their garden when I was a child. Sadly, I do not see it on anyone’s garden anymore including my parent’s garden/backyard now. Ours died from a flood.

I have looked for one from plant nurseries but to no avail. Fortunately, my sister chanced upon one in their area. I’m truly grateful to her for giving me the plant.  

Sampaguita plant.JPG

The flower reminded me of my sweet childhood memories. My dad would wake us up at the wee hours of the morning to prod us to start our daily chores early.  I remember plucking the flowers from the bush every day and made it into a garland. We used the garlands for religious offerings.

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