Scribbling thoughts entered a realm
laying bare my soul
burning the midnight oil
for which a nocturnal insect gravitated to the luminosity of the lamp’s flickering flame

Consumed by a burning desire
to scrawl down bottled sentiments
not have a care in the world
little did I know
a pair of eyes were keeping a tab on me

Liberating myself from these pent up emotions
lightened my mood
I threw caution to the wind
left my journal in a conspicuous place

A vulture scavenged on my journaled contemplations

consumed my essence
mocking me
with sly innuendos

Much to my chagrin
I lit my musing of late afire
reduced them to ashes
watched the thoughts become smoke blown into the wind

Concurrent with the smoke
came a realization
a hard lesson for me
to learn
a covetous person will obtain access by any means to invade your privacy

This poem was inspired by Eddaz’ poem Scribbles – my old thought. I actually had a diary and what I described really happened.