Hello lovely people! I have a confession to make. If you noticed I am replying late or I have not replied yet, it’s because I have a snail-paced internet connection aside from the fact I’m having problems with my blog. Ever since the new editor was introduced I cannot access WordPress on my mobile. And I am always on the go because of the holidays coming in.

My latest post The White Elephant Challenge was already ready to publish this morning. I scheduled it before I went out. Imagine my surprise that it was not published while I was out. Now that I am home I was able to publish it because I had to open WordPress in my laptop and I had to switch from the new editor of WordPress to Classic Editor.

Is it only me or you had the same experience? I am saddened by the fact that the plan to upgrade our country’s internet service is taking too long because the third party internet service provider has not been approved yet.

Therefore, please forgive me for not replying and visiting your blog sooner. I hope you’ll understand. I’ll try to make it up to you. ❤️


Image: Pixabay