Long before the curtain of the theater closes
trepidation filled her in
for she knows
she’ll leave the mask of merriment

Happiness is what she felt
when she’s onstage
performing live
delivering the lines

she can be
whatever she wants
lost in a make-believe world

Hiding behind the mask
is the only thing
which kept her afloat
fighting for her dear life

Without the mask
she feels empty
afraid to reach out
disheartened from people who disappointed her

Are you like her? Do you feel alone? I believe there’s more to life than what is laid in front of us. Have faith. Believe me, I’ve been there. You’ll still meet kindhearted souls who are willing to listen and help. Prayer is powerful too. Talk to God. He’s the only One who can deliver you from what you are feeling.

This post is dedicated to a friend.

Image: Pixabay